Preservation Team

Architectural PRESERVATION and Restoration

Cenaxo has a team of expert qualified personnel well trained in the art and craft of architectural restoration. Our thorough knowledge of techniques and diverse experience helps us to estimate projects accurately to provide maximum value. Combined with our project planning we are able to anticipate the challenges of each mission. Matching the texture, color and form of the original structure is always a priority on every project.

The following are just some of our Architectural Restoration and Preservation services:

• Stone and brick restoration
• Stone carving and repair
• Masonry Pointing
• Stucco repair and restoration
• Caulking and Waterproofing
• Exterior and interior cleaning
• Woodwork
• Painting
• Roofing and Sheet metal

One way Cenaxo focuses on our clients needs is by working to provide sustainable solutions. Our experts are trained to recognize deficiencies that can escalate into costly problems in the future. By choosing Cenaxo’s value-added services, our clients can benefit from their current investment while achieving long-term rewards.

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