Specialized Project PLANNING

Cenaxo’s unique approach to management makes us capable of handling a diverse range of projects for our clients. Our proactive, collaborative planning process is perfect for coordinating trade partners, even on projects where architectural restoration and protective coatings is not the primary mission.

Cenaxo provides project planning for a wide range of clients including industrial clients who need plant maintenance and upgrades during shut downs, as well as institutional clients who need projects completed during vacation periods. For clients with strict time constraints, Cenaxo’s ability to manage projects with a focus on process provides a greater value.

Cenaxo utilizes the “lean” approach to yield significant gains in productivity, quality, safety and value. Lean, popularized in the 1990’s, is a more than fifty-year-old continuous improvement management technique adopted by leading global manufacturing, service and management companies. Simply put, the lean approach to construction removes most of the waste and chaos found in the majority of traditionally managed projects, delivering maximum value to the client. This production practice has recently found a proper application in the construction industry.

Michael Gnazzo, principal and co-founder of Cenaxo is very active in the Lean Construction community. He is the co-founder of the Lean Construction Institute, New England Chapter. He has given numerous presentations on the subject from Boston to New York to Colorado.

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